Offers reliable and economical set for mini excavators, drilling machines, small dozers, paving machines, excavators, bulldozers or special designs. etc. offers an efficient & reliable range of solutions for the undercarriage needs of open pit mining, quarrying etc.

  • A complete line of undercarriage components ranging from 1.5 to 250 ton
  • Track chains with 90-317.5mm pitch
  • Steel chains with welded or bolt-on shoes
  • Dry, greased, sealed or lubricated chains
  • Any configuration available with single, double, triple grousers
  • Undercarriage for special applications: conveyor, pipeline handling, milling machines, surface miners, piling rigs etc.
  • Forged shoes for heavy duty applications.
  • Track chains for special applications: large conveyor systems, pipeline handling, etc.

    SKL offers Undercarriage for popular models like:
  • BEML(200, 220, 300, 1000 etc)
  • CATERPILLAR(301, 303, 304, 305 etc)
  • HYUNDAI(130, 200, 210, 320 etc)
  • L&T KOMATSU (120, 200, 1250 etc)
  • KOBELCO(130, 200, 230, 300 etc)
  • TATA-HITACHI(110, 200, 210 Z Axis, 350,470, 1200 etc)
  • VOLVO.(140, 210, 290, 360 etc)
  • JCB, DOOSAN etc.
Track Shoes are made from boron steel and are through hardened to ensure extreme service life under the most abrasive and difficult conditions. In addition to standard size track shoes, we can manufacture custom length track shoes as we import our track shoe section directly from the UK and can then finish these in any length.
Track Links are made of forged boron steel and are induction hardened for greater fatigue resistance and optimum wear life.
Pins & Bushes: Track bushings have a surface hardness of Rockwell C 60, a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 50 (from 1.5mm to 3.5mm depending on size), tempered ends (depending on chain type), and a core hardness of Rockwell C 40. Track pins have a surface hardness of Rockwell C 60 and a case depth hardness of Rockwell C 50 (from 2.5mm to 7.0mm depending on size).
Track Bolts & Nuts are of 12.9 grade and the bolt heads are induction hardened.
Track Rollers are made of forged boron steel and are through hardened for extra strength and durability. Shafts are induction hardened. Track bushes are made of bimetal and SG grade cast iron. Track collars are made of SG grade cast iron. This ensures resistance to fatigue and shock stresses caused by the most severe applications.
Carrier Rollers are meant to guide the track as it moves between the sprocket and the idler and also reduce vibration and control track sag. These are made of forged steel.
Idler assemblies are made of special grade cast iron and the rail surface is induction hardened for extra life. Hardness of running rail surfaces is Rockwell C 50-54 and Rockwell C 40 measured at a depth of 4 to 8 mm.
Segments are made of forged boron steel and are induction hardened for extra strength and durability making the teeth particularly tough and resistant to breakage. The core hardness of the segments is Rockwell C 45 and the surface hardness is C 50 or higher.
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